Balloon Shade Curtain

Balloon shade curtain : Awning windows for sale.

Balloon Shade Curtain

balloon shade curtain

    balloon shade

  • (Balloon Shades) Fabric shades with deep inverted pleats that fall into airy, rounded poufs at the bottom.
  • (Balloon Shades) Fabric shade that has swag-like folds of fabric at the bottom edge when drawn by vertical shirring down both sides and possibly one or two other vertical areas of the shade that draws up in loose gathers.
  • Another name for a poufed or cloud shade, scalloped on the bottom, that draws up in soft, billowy folds.


  • Conceal or screen with a <em>curtain</em>
  • provide with drapery; "curtain the bedrooms"
  • any barrier to communication or vision; "a curtain of secrecy"; "a curtain of trees"
  • Provide with a <em>curtain</em> or <em>curtains</em>
  • hanging cloth used as a blind (especially for a window)

balloon shade curtain – The Shade

The Shade Book: Roman, Cloud, Balloon, Roller Shades, Shade Toppers, and More
The Shade Book: Roman, Cloud, Balloon, Roller Shades, Shade Toppers, and More
Featuring beautiful and functional shades, blinds, swags, and valances, this home decoration guide provides an in-depth look at a wide variety of non-drapery window coverings. Instructions for creating and installing many styles of shades are provided with both the beginner and the expert do-it-yourself homemaker in mind. Included are tips for creating countless variations on classic styles, including roman shades, cloud shades, balloon shades, Austrian shades, and shade toppers. The environmental advantages of shades are also stressed, with detailed information on each shade’s ability to conserve energy by holding heat during the winter while reflecting the sun in the summer. Tips on care and upkeep, plus yardage charts complete the book.

Simplicity 118

Simplicity 118
Simplicity House Sewing Instruction Cards


Window Treatments

Shirred Curtain & Fabric Covered Valance
Roman Shade
Classic Window Shade
Criss-Cross Curtain, Valance & Tie-Backs
Cafe Curtain & Valance
Roll-Up Shade With Fabric Covered Cornice
Balloon Shade
Theatre Curtain With Tie-Backs
Opera Curtain
Tab Curtain

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Butterick 6032

Butterick 6032
Butterick Sewing Pattern


Easy To Do Windows

Package Includes Pattern And Instructions For Jabot C 60" Long. All Other Items In Package Are Cut-By-Suggestion.

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